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Let nature  guide you to engage stress as a natural rite of passage.
  • Feel the rhythm.
  • Create balance.
  • Grow connection.

The W.I.S.H. was born in early 2009.  You can meet the team and see what others are saying about us here.  But right now you are probably wondering...

"What's all this nature-assisted, redefining stress stuff about anyway?"

Well, it's about long-term results, it's about stress and anxiety management training achieved through an innovative and fun combination of non-verbal art therapy tools, nature reconnection through organic psychology and equine-assisted life-skill development.

But most of all, it's about The EcoART Process.

"I first met Sherri through some mutual friends. We came to know each other socially through her drum-making workshop. We got to know each other personally through an Eco-Art project. Sherri is full of laughter and infinite patience. She listens with all her senses. There are times in your life when you are blessed to meet an extraordinary person at just the right moment of your journey. For me, Sherri is just such a person. The drum making workshop is more than learning to make a drum. The Eco-Art Project was also about discovery. Sherri did not lead me; she created a safe and warm space where I could explore. We talked a lot. We laughed and blasted some crazy tunes into the woodland surrounding her yurt. And, we were also silent. I arrived at her beautiful studio ready to create what I wanted. I left her beautiful studio without creating what I intended, but I created what I needed. This is Sherri’s gift."
Scott T, Ovate on a Druid Path

Logically, the next question is ...

what is the ecoart process -- and why should I care?

The EcoART Process is the core of our SOUL ON FIRE nature-assisted stress management training series, the essential missing-link building block to living a well-balanced life in our crazy, distracting, stress-filled world.  It's the place where all effective self-care starts.

"It was a pure pleasure working with Sherri Phibbs. During our process of creating nature-informed art, deep healing work took place and both brought up and resolved (!) old wounds that I was not even aware of any more. Sherri was incredible in holding the process, giving directions (both artistic and spiritual) and guiding us through the experience with gentleness and a great sense of humor - what a great combination.  Sherri's knowledge of land and wildlife is incredible, and her reflections on our experiences helped unravel what wanted to show itself. It was truly transformative. What a bliss to have met you! Thanks for making experiences like this one happen on your beautiful land. You'll see us again for sure!"
With deep gratitude, Anna F., Graphic Artist


Are you ready to hit your refresh button and take on life from a different perspective?  If you are, it's time you mastered The EcoART Process -- which will allow you to experience -- deep rejuvenation and a release of tension -- build strong long-term stress relief strategies in a soul-soothing environment while having fun with nature, horses and art media.  If this resonates with you ... I mean, if you seriously get it, I want to meet you.  Just click on the button above and reply with the answers to a few simple questions to schedule your FREE consultation.