42 Important Things I Learned From My Horse

Founder of The EcoART Process, author Sherri Phibbs, is intrigued by the similarities between connecting with nature on a spiritual, shamanic level and on a scientific, organic psychology level.  

If you are looking for a beginners look at an elegantly simple, truly effective and fun way to spark your inner wild thing and redefine your relationship with stress as a natural rite of passage, you have found it.

The Final Art-Down


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An elemental guide to strengthening your

creative voice

First Edition 2014 softcover on Amazon 
Revised Edition 2017 ebook available here

ARE YOU STRESSED?  Hold on and just breathe, this will help.  

Connecting to Nature in this easy to follow way, this precursor to the EcoART Process will begin your journey to focus on the joy, peace and relaxation you truly want in your life.  A compilation of journal entries and single sitting art works, intelligently designed to provide you with an elemental guide to incorporating nature-assisted stress management into your life.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  Just follow the process and do art. 


Ebook coming soon!

​Watch this space.