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additional perks:

Welcome letter and special gifts

Scenic rural location for meetings

Exciting adventure learning from horses and nature

All in-studio tools & art supplies

An easy, step-by-step, stress management program like no other! 

Treat yourself to a beautifully nature-assisted six week training series specifically designed to bring moments of peace, of stillness into your life, to redefine your chaotic relationship with stress, allowing you to dance through the flames of stress rather than burn out.

Relax, nestled within the circle of a cozy yurt studio, sipping on sparkling champagne and feasting on strawberries and chocolate while you are gently challenged to awaken and exercise your inner wild woman, your deepest, greatest self, dropping the masks and moving forward with a powerful integrity.

Attendees dance with Nature, whisper to horses and use eco-art as a tool to spark their creative fires -- engaging stress as a rite of passage,you can gracefully manage the stress, and find what you're looking for, rather than burn out. 

Nurture the growth of your authentic self.  Identify and release layers of old emotional wounding and set a healthy foundation for growing deeply satisfying relationships in your life, with yourself and others, in just 6 weeks.


  • 1 very full group social Awakening Day, including an introduction to the twelve building-block elements of The EcoART Process with its triumvirate of nature, equine and art assisted tools

  • 6 nature-guided building-block elements

    • 5 private "learn the secrets" sessions

    • 1 group social learning session - The 6th Element

  • 6 private email supported at-home personal practice exercises specifically designed to help you integrate your new stress management skills into your daily life

  • 6 private thirty minute coaching calls to celebrate successes, answer questions and provide direction and support

  • 3 ten minute one-on-one "Help!" calls to assist during your at-home personal practice

INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE:  Next series begins MAY 2017


Please note:

In honour of our horse teachers, champagne is dealcoholized and ginger ale, sparkling water and a delightful assortment of teas and coffee are offered for those who prefer. 

All necessary tools provided, experience is not required, simply relax and come as you are.

SOUL ON FIRE:  Breakthrough Package

RelevanT   Insightful    Life-Changing

Awaken your inner wild thing.
  • Feel the rhythm of nature.
  • Create balance.
  • Grow connection.

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