What is the EcoART Process?

Well, it is not a program of haphazardly pulled together random methods.  It is the incredibly well-organized and easy to follow step-by-step nature-assisted stress relief core of our Soul On Fire training series.  It's all about allowing the wilderness without to help you balance the wilderness within and awaken your inner wild woman, your greatest self.  Simply put, The EcoART Process engages you in an honest, sense-based information exchange with nature -- it's about learning directly from Nature, from horses and decoding the messages you gather there through the creative process of EcoART.  

This unique and innovative approach brings the learning home kinesthetically, mindfully, spiritually and soulfully. It is the essential missing-link that sets you up for genuine success.  Using fun and engaging NAL, EALSD and EcoART therapy tools in an objectively-driven, educational process, you further your personal development, finding new passions, releasing the pain of old wounds and redefining your relationship with stress.  Current research has proven that expressive art and nature immersion are as valuable to your well-being as meditation, proper diet, and a good night's rest.  The EcoART Process expands on these findings and guides you to integrate a fun and easy personal practice into your daily life, while providing you with the support and tools to be successful.

What is NAL and EALSD?  

NAL or Nature-Assisted Learning (organic psychology) is a learner based educational experience with nature.  Equine-Assisted Life Skill Development or EALSD is a non-riding learner based educational experience with horses.  More specifically, together NAL and EALSD are an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and relationship growth.  You engage in objectively driven exercises and find yourself effortlessly learning valuable life skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while interacting with nature and horses. It's as simple as that.


When you get up close and personal with Nature through The EcoART Process, you discover validated, experiential learning, positively reinforced interactions.  Attendees dance with Nature, whisper to horses and create ecoART as a tool to decode the secret language of Nature, to decode Nature's wisdom.  You discover an easy, step-by-step process that takes the mystique out of healing with Nature, promoting results in the following areas:

BODY - (Personal Care):  Release muscle tension - results in looking and feeling younger / healthier while creating new muscle memories through the kinesthetic exploration of EcoART.

MIND - (Change Management / Burnout Prevention):  Decrease anxiety and worry - promoting a healthier life balance through improved communication / relationship skills with mindful focus on experiencing the potential of the present moment.  Redefine your relationship with stress to a natural rite of passage.  Let stress work for you rather than burn you out.  

SPIRIT - (Personal Development):  Increase confidence and self-worth - improves life balance, strengthens your sense of community and relationships. 

SOUL - (Spiritual Direction):  Drop the masks, find alignment with your inner wild woman, your greatest self, and stay joyfully balanced long term - let the self-balancing wilderness without sync with and maintain, the balance of your inner wilderness by nurturing an objectively-driven reconnection with nature. 


Horses are tough, steadfast and amazing dance partners.  They consistently react to stimulus provided by participants.  One of the greatest joys associated with working around horses is -- their lack of judgement, they don’t judge but they constantly assess.  Their feedback is honest and immediate.  Learning to listen to what horses have to say is powerful.  It can sometimes spur the answer to individual change.  By including horses in specially designed educational exercises, equine-assisted facilitators have greatly multiplied the participant’s rate of success to self discovery.  How?

Horses can magnify an individual’s problem immediately and provide a skilled facilitator with an opportunity to identify an individual’s character.  They don’t over think the two-legged’s motives but horses do challenge their behaviour and leadership.



Let's be honest about this, it's because it is the essential missing-link building block to allowing stress to work for you rather than burn you out in our crazy-making world. 

It is stress relief as Nature intended, the place where uncomplicated self-care starts.  But most of all, it's about freeing your life, allowing you to focus on the things that are truly important.

WHY LEARN FROM NATURE?  “Although many signals from Nature escape our perception, our life affinities exist on all levels.  In as many as 54 different ways, we might sense the natural environment because we are a continuum of it.  It is in us.  Our natural senses are our felt kinship with Earth and each other.  They are unexplored roads to personal and global sanity.”    

- Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Project Nature Connect