Here the horses don't carry you, they team up with nature and teach YOU to carry yourselves. Cutesy, I know, but its fact.

The $697 / couple investment gets you a unique and ingenious program intelligently designed to build your most valuable relationship skills.  Transform your life in the areas that are most important to you; your relationship with your family, your spouse or your best friend.  

Together you build self-worth, confidence, and connection, while learning how easy it is to relieve stress and anxiety with Nature. You truly dance with nature and whisper to horses. You explore yourself as a down-to-earth nature being in relationship with your partner and your world. You co-create touchstone moments, with the nature-inspired creation of an elegantly simple EcoART piece.

YOU can rewrite your relationship stories, and build solid foundations for your future. No matter where you are in your journey; you can use these life skills over and over, wherever and whenever you need it.  

You don't have to be an expert artist or horse-person, even if you are a novice you will find this experience clearly and simply explained.  Great for beginners.  All necessary tools are provided. Just relax and come as you are.  

An eye-opening day of engaging and soulful nature-immersion. It's child's play that will revitalize your relationship. Relieving relationship stress just got easier.

This easy to follow program is ideal for any couple looking for a no-nonsense way to reinforce trust, communication and loving respect. Perfect for parent and teen couples. The possibilities are



In the Company of Horses

An unpretentious private program, intelligently designed to bring a little love back into your life.  Plan some down-to-earth quality time with your significant other. Explore Nature's secret language of relationship.

Custom Crafted to Fit in Your Schedule