The setting? In winter, you are treated to the stunning snowscapes of the boreal forest.  In summer, exquisite deer trails through natural woodlands and meadows that showcase the glorious Rocky Mountain foothill country.  You can hike around the 13 acres easily.  Although uneven, it's suitable for most fitness levels. Oh, and the studio? Yes, it's a yurt.

Meet Our Team, Our Teachers


Sherri Phibbs


Sherri Phibbs is a qualified consultant and founder of the EcoART Process who provides personal stress relief training through a fun and intriguing range of nature-assisted experiences. She is a professional certified facilitator who uses all her senses to offer guidance to each of her clients, challenging them to free their life, relationships, their inner wild woman.  

Sherri has been sharing her life-long passion for nature, horses and art, successfully inspiring professional women to engage in healthy personal and professional growth since early 2009. By providing tools, developing the skills and confidence to reconnect with Nature and awaken their inner wild woman, she helps her clients let go of the baggage holding them back, redefining their relationship with stress as a natural rite of passage.   

The experience she's gathered through her many years as a workshop facilitator, has given rise to the EcoART Process methodology, the heart of her Soul On Fire personal training program.  She is considered a unique and innovative authority in the equine-assisted / nature-assisted EcoART learning field, and a pioneer of the EcoART Process with it's inspirational triumvirate of learning; nature reconnection, horse teachers, and EcoART.  Sherri has also been on the corporate side of things, having nearly two decades of administrative and training experience with both large corporations and small companies.

Ms. Phibbs has been featured in an editorial series for The Cochrane Times, and is also author of the forthcoming book, 42 Important Things I've Learned from My Horse.  Her first book, The Final Art-Down: An Elemental Guide to Strengthening Your Creative Voice was published in 2014.

Serving the greater Calgary area and central/southern Alberta, Sherri lives with her family, both two-legged and four-legged, in Rocky View County, AB.


Echo, aka Starbucks Reunion, shares a birthday with me.  

Height:  15.2 hh    
D.O.B.:  16 SEP 97
Weight:  1200 - 1300 lbs
Breed:  Quarter Horse?  Wild Mustang?

Extremely grateful to have him with us, he is on loan to the studio (many thanks, to my daughter Kirsten, for choosing to retire him here).  We are blessed to have his quiet confidence as a stabilizing element for our small herd.

We hope he enjoys his retirement here, sharing his wisdom; and with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, keeping both the four-leggeds and two-leggeds of his herd in line.

Welcome Echo.  Wishing you happiness and lots of love.



Scout, aka Red Pharoh

Height:  14.3 hh   
D.O.B.:  20 MAY 08
Weight:  1000 lbs
Breed:  Welara Sport Pony

Scout, aka Red Pharoh, has been my teacher now since 2013. He's amazing!    

Playful and high energy, this brilliant boy is extremely smart and eager to please.  He brings smiles to many faces, and has much to teach.  


Pepsi, aka CCH RUNDLE

Height:  14 hh    
D.O.B.:  Spring 1998
Weight:  950 lbs
Breed:  Quarter Pony

Pepsi-Kola, is a bundle of cuddly love with a side of attitude.  This gentle boy knows his own mind and is confident in his ability to communicate with you.