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nature and equine--assisted learning

ACCFCR_Final_Report: The Helping Horse

The Effectiveness of Equine Assisted Growth and Learning
A Model for Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) for PTSD

Horse as Healer: An Examination of Equine-Assisted Learning

Study Finds Horse Therapy Helps Patients Focus, Feel Positive


Nature-connected Health and Wellness Research
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Nature As Art Therapist

Eco-Art Therapy Founder

The Cochrane Times -  Awakening the Senses
Drive far enough and Grand Valley’s rolling grasslands flatten into lodgepole forests, ferns and mosses and native plants dappled in sunshine. The road slides a sharp bend, turn northwards from tarmac on to gravel ending on Crown land’s very doorstep. Natural fencing blends, click off engine, there’s windsong and stillness...

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Artistic Talent? 

No stress here.  This studio is about the journey not the destination.  Like nature and the horses who teach here, there is no judgement from the two-legged facilitator, no right or wrong way to express yourself creatively through the expressive arts.  

As you master the steps of the EcoART Process, you are encouraged to explore a wide variety of art media and reflective journaling techniques guided by the experienced artist / author in residence.  Through the power of play, you unearth and breathe life into your own creative core.  Sometimes, introspective reflection is much easier without words.  Sometimes, the words flow like waters in a flash flood.  Both have merit and will provide you with relevant and powerful insight for your personal growth.

So why horses?  Horses are tough and steadfast dance partners.  Horses consistently react to stimulus you provide.  Some of the joys associated with working around horses are -- they don't judge but they constantly assess.  Their feedback is honest and instant.

Learning to listen to what horses have to say is powerful and can sometimes spur the answer to your personal growth.  By including horses in specially designed educational exercises, EAL certified facilitators greatly multiply your rate of success to self discovery. 

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Self-esteem and stress management skills are increased through the process of active sense awareness, providing scientifically repeatable and personally relevant outcomes.  Nature reconnection components help you realize the potential of the immediate sensory moment. 

 You become more relaxed, less prone to anxiety and worry.  You develop a sense of well-being, community, relationship and self-confidence.  The wilderness without balances the wilderness within.  The EcoART Process is the essential missing-link building block for living a well-balanced life in our crazy world.  It is the place where personal and professional growth start.

“An experience you will not soon forget!
I've done several ....including a full day (custom) EcoArt on a Tuesday! Treat yourself to an enlightening and rejuvenating experience at W.I.S.H.Studio under Sherri's guiding's a day you will not soon forget!"

- Barbara Barry

"5 stars!  I had a great day today!  It was great from finish to last but I have to say working with Echo was so exceptional.  I truly enjoyed this day and it went by very fast.  Thank you Sherri for making it such a pleasant day!"

- Yvette McDermott

"And what the forest whispered to me
was that the magic was there for me to see if only I could read between the lines.

The Sun wrought heat like a fever glow
upon the slowly melting snow as it freed the stalwart pines. 

In it's shrouds of sheer mystique I watched the shadows of the clouds that peek that would soon explain everything.

Indeed they did with a rhyming wind that rustled smoothly as if in rescind that Winter is the Harbinger of Spring"

- Steven Lind  

take creative control of

Nature and equine-assisted expressive art is an effective approach to personal development that encourages individual and team growth.

Through objectively driven NAL and EAL exercises, this fun and powerful learner-based educational EcoART Process strengthens a wide range of valuable life skills.  Communication, active listening, and shared leadership, to name a few.

Nature and horses can magnify the areas that require personal growth immediately and provide a skilled facilitator with an opportunity to identify and assist with the development of your life skills.  Horses don't over think your motive but horses do challenge your behaviour and leadership.  Nature reconnection activities help you recognize the natural potential of the immediate sensory moment.  Current research has found this experiential form of learning to be most effective.