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ARE YOU STRESSED?  Hold on and just breathe, this will help.  Connecting to Nature in this easy, step-by-step way will redefine your relationship with stress as a natural rite of passage, freeing you to focus on the joy, peace and relaxation you truly want in your life.  A compilation of journal entries and single sitting art works, specifically designed to provide you with a guide to incorporate nature-assisted stress management into your life.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  Just follow the process and do art.

1. Dive in to moments of peace ...  just commit to the process.

2. Learn that the aliveness that is Nature sustains you in more than just a physical way.

3. Understand a step-by-step process of nature reconnection, the precursor to my Soul On Fire's APEG method.

4. Discover tools that assist you to effectively dance with the fires of stress rather than burn out, and see those tools in action.

5. Begin your own process of nature-assisted stress relief.


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about the aRTIST / Author

Founder of Soul On Fire, a nature-assisted stress management training series at W.I.S.H. Studio, Sherri Phibbs, is a down-to-earth, gentle facilitator prone to bursts of creative exuberance.   Even as a small child, Sherri loved animals, art and organizing play programs.  Her sincere passion for helping others find their own fun and enthusiasm has been the driving force behind her career and life choices in the last decades.  If you are looking for a unique, effective and funway to spark your inner wild thing and redefine your relationship with stress as a natural rite of passage, you have found it.

Certified in Eco-art Therapy, Equine-assisted learning and as a Peace Ambassador, Sherri is studied in eco-psychology, expressive art and animal assisted therapies, and apprenticed in shamanic practice.  She is intrigued by the similarities between connecting with nature on a shamanic/spiritual level and on a scientific/psychological level.

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About 42 Important Things

The Little Wise Tome is Coming Soon! 

Watch for it!

Created through a unique form of nature-assisted automatic expression -- the nature-reconnection method at the core of The EcoART Process -- each piece in the series is an exercise in interconnectedness.  The artist, not separate or on the Earth, but in the Earth, an integral, worthy and necessary element of this complex being.  

Connecting to and communicating with nature beings in the majestic splendour of the boreal forests of Alberta's Rocky Mountain Foothill country, each piece has an insightful and relevant message related from Nature to the artist, and communicated to you through the image, written language or numerology format.  Often a combination of all three.

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