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Small Group   (3 - 9 people)
A two days drum making experience with an EcoART twist.  Something to inspire your personal growth on every level.


Where Science & Spirituality Meet

Self-Care Teaching Circles:

Small Group  (3 - 9 people)
Treat yourself to a two hour experiential coffee date with the facilitator and founder of Soul On Fire, nature-assisted stress management training.

  • Create a hands on EcoART project
  • Discuss eco-psychology vs shamanism

Regard for one's own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

Are you on the edge of burnout?  Seriously stressed?  Just breathe, this will help.  Book a complimentary one-hour Strategy Session with one of our horse teachers and find out how.

self-care empowers your ability to care for others

Are you ready to say hello to the wild child inside through the joy of creative play? 

You will find unique and exciting experiences that range from 2 hours to 2 day mini-camps specifically designed to wake up your senses and plug you into nature in a way you may never have encountered before.

In learning directly from nature and / or horses, you discover hands-on how to wake up your senses, enhance and build increased self-worth and confidence. 

Using The EcoART Process, you engage in an information exchange with animals and plants, you create ecoART, and decode the personally relevant and insightful messages found there.

Discover your sense-based potential and find yourself enjoying who you truly are in a fun and exciting atmosphere with nature, horses and art media.  Shift your perspective and let yourself grow.

For 2:  A fully-packed day of fun and insightful play will appeal to any adventurous duo seeking to build communication, respect and trust ...  

No previous art  or horse experience required.