A SHAMAN? -- this in-studio teaching circle runs about 2 hours and gives you something to think about.  Eco-psychology &/or shamanism is NOT A RELIGION.  It's the understanding that all nature beings and their environment are connected by physical energy. You can explore this process even if you are either an atheist or deeply religious. It's all about connecting to the natural world in a way that allows the wilderness without to help balance the wilderness within, a process scientifically validated by the modern science of eco-psychology, and practiced by nature-connected peoples world-wide for millenia.

A HORSE? -- custom-built Q&A discussion based on the needs of the group.  Happy to answer any and all questions regarding nature connection, equine-assisted learning and eco-art, and would be happy to analyze issues and give advice on getting back on track to growing the love and inner peace in your life. 

A SOUL ON FIRE? -- In fact, sessions are arranged without a particular agenda but just following where the attraction leads, BUT I do like to talk about how following where you are naturally drawn can awaken your inner wild woman, and set your soul on fire, with passion, of course!  Focus, people -- no burning in hell today.
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Let nature  guide you to engage stress as a natural rite of passage.
  • Feel the rhythm.
  • Create balance.
  • Grow connection.

JUNE 10, 2017

1:00 - 3:00 PM



TO come out for coffee

1.  Big personal growth breakthrough success

2.  Interactive hands-on dialogue with participants

3.  Insider secrets that can be implemented immediately

4.  Ability to pinpoint mindset blocks to big transformation

5. Relevant, insightful stories

6.  Local eco-artist, author and entrepreneur

7.  Arguably entertaining as a one of a kind facilitator

8.  Up to the minute lessons from nature

9.  Motivating and provocatively inspiring

10. Refreshingly insightful

Feeding the flames of imminent burn out?  Feeling disconnected, unfulfilled or even a bit depressed?  This will help...

In fact, this 2-hour coffee date experiential is specifically for you if:

  • You are ready to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and be excited about what could go right
  • You want to awaken your inner wild thing & redefine your relationship with stress
  • You don't like feeling that your stress level is literally killing you

Ideal for professional women struggling with stress, 35 – 65+, who are interested in having a deeply inspiring, yet light-hearted look at nature-assisted learning.

During this inspirational teaching circle, you will learn the most important insider secrets that nature-based cultures around the world have known for millennia -- a peek into the heart of the Soul On Fire training series -- a course designed specifically to help you dance through the fires of stress and so you can feel free to focus on the joy, peace and relaxation you truly want.

Treat yourself to a 2-hour experiential coffee date with the studio

facilitator / founder of Soul On Fire, nature-assisted stress management training.

Create a hands on EcoART project with insider secrets you can

use right away to relieve the burden of stress in your own life.

Discuss eco-psychology vs shamanism -- science, spirituality, religion,

nature-based learning?

Coffee Date Topic:

A Shaman, A Horse & A Soul On Fire?

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