Complete Awakening & Breakthrough Packages PLUS:

  • ​The final 6 nature-guided building-block elements

Which simply means:

  • 12 private studio sessions + one full day onsite
  • 12 email supported at-home personal practice exercises intelligently designed to help you integrate your new stress management skills into your daily life
    • 6 email supported personal practice tools
    • 6 learn-by-teaching  facilitator/client email exchanges
  • 12 private thirty minute coaching calls to celebrate successes, answer questions and provide direction and support 
  • 3 ten minute one-on-one "Help!" calls to assist during your at-home personal practice

Soul on Fire!

A deep awakening, a dropping of masks, a being at home in your own skin thing. 

Soul on Fire will change your life where it is most important to you -- your personal relationships, your connections with your family and husband.  It will redefine your relationship with stress as a natural rite of passage and free your life.

Transformation Package