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in truth, YOU only have 2 CHOICES ...

YOU CAN DO NOTHING & STAY WHERE YOU ARE; hovering on the edge of burn out, feeling unfulfilled, lost or disconnected, maybe even a bit depressed.  You might try many things to bandaid your stress; from alcohol, drugs and rampant consumerism to burying your true inner core so deep behind self-constructed walls and masks that you forget who you truly are, and go forward in the world damaged in a way that makes others uneasy, as they sense your incongruity, your misalignment.


YOU CAN TAKE ACTION & CHANGE YOUR LIFE by learning about SOUL ON FIRE, a proven nature-assisted program specifically designed to help you dance through the chaotic flames of stress, freeing you to focus on the joy, peace and relaxation you truly want in your life.  Rather than burning out, you learn how to build foundations and create bridges in the most important relationships in your life, those most affected by the symptoms of your high stress level.


  • REDEFINE your chaotic relationship with stress as a natural rite of passage, and practice fun, easy, nature-inspired stress-relieving tools with proven long-term results.

  • AWAKEN your inner wild woman -- so you regain balance -- aligning your true inner core with your outer image so you go forward a powerfully whole woman effectively impacting the world around you.

  • REACTIVATE all of your abilities and gifts through powerful techniques that transform your approach to work / life balance

  • EMPOWER YOURESELF to redefine your relationship with stress or anxiety and view it as a rite of passage rather than an overwhelming obstacle.

All the necessary tools are provided, and the programs do not require previous horse or art experience.  Just relax and come as you are.



Learn how to  Powerfully

redefine your relationship

with stress so it works for you

rather than burns you out by

watching this innovative

video series ...

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